The Vintners’ Cup is awarded annually to the graduate achieving the highest aggregate mark across all units of the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines and Spirits. The winner is awarded a silver trophy and engraved decanter.

The Worshipful Company of Vintners is one of the City of London’s Great Twelve Livery Companies, with a history rooted in the UK wine trade they generously took over the sponsorship of this award in 2004. The award has been in existence since 1946.

2020 Winner

Mary Wright

Sogrape Iberia Estates Ambassador at Liberty Wines Ltd

Mary Wright DipWSET, Sogrape Iberia Estates Ambassador at Liberty Wines Ltd, has been awarded The Vintners’ Cup 2020. Mary completed her WSET Diploma in Wines at WSET School London. As a member of the wine trade, she is also the recipient of the Vintners’ Scholarship, a fund to put towards visiting a wine producing region of her choosing.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have been awarded the Vintners’ Cup and Scholarship and am really grateful to The Vintners for their very generous study grant. I’m looking forward to a trip to the vineyards of South America, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.”

Previous Winners

1946 Jack Gregory

1947 C. F. Donovan

1948 John Surtees

1949 John Surtees

1950 Geoffrey Butler

1951 John Davies

1952 J. E. Hall

1953 P. Spurway

1954 E. Arnold Tasker

1955 Gerald Asher

1956 Peter Crameri

1957 David Sommerfelt

1958 Robin Don

1959 James Long

1960 Martin Bamford

1961 Geoffrey Smallwood

1962 Robin Walters

1963 Clive Waters

1964 A. F. Crutchley

1965 Charles Hawkins

1966 A. F. Crutchley

1967 Geoffrey Sydenham

1968 Michael Cliff

1969 Peter Clarke

1970 Ian Bostock

1971 Anthony Gunn

1972 Anthony Hanson

1973 Martyn Brown

1974 Tim Holland

1975 Charles Crawfurd

1976 Penelope Mansell Jones

1977 Richard Harvey

1978 Jancis Robinson

1979 John Burton

1980 Richard Stewart

1981 Arabella Woodrow

1982 Diana Percival

1983 Michael Schuster

1984 Fiona Roberts

1985 Angela Bishop

1986 Robin Woodhouse

1987 Philippa Woods

1988 Michael Holmes

1989 Ian McLaren

1990 Jane Brocket

1991 Lilyane Weston

1992 Susan Anderson

1993 Patricia Stefanowicz

1994 Rebecca Pinch

1995 Sally Easton

1996 Linda Jotham

1997 Robert Harris

1998 Chris Foss

1999 Nancy Mittelmajer

2000 Neil Beckett

2001 Katherine Richardson

2002 Sara Basra

2003 Sarah Ahmed

2004 Alexander Carr Taylor

2005 Richard Hamblin

2006 Claire Dawson

2007 Anne McHale & Nicola Grandorge

2008 Catriona Felstead

2009 Irene Bachkönig

2010 Charlotte Edgecombe

2011 Emma Harrison

2012 Mei Hong

2013 Sarah Heller

2014 Julie Frankland

2015 Jing Wei Sun

2016 Jason Millar

2017 Moritz Mueller

2018 Joseph Hallam

2019 Timothy Clark

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