Your privacy is very important to us and we handle your data with care. Please take time to read our privacy policy before using our website.

How we collect and manage your data


We use Google Analytics to store information about the usage of our website. These analytics can track how you arrived at our website, how long you were on the website and what links you clicked. Depending on your browser settings it can also collect information about your location, as well as the device and software you are using. This data is anonymised and we only share this information in aggregate form (eg. amount of visitors to our website per month).

These cookies are optional and are only set after you accept. You can update your settings here: Revoke Cookies.

For more information see the Google Analytics data policy >


We use YouTube to embed videos on our website. These videos use cookies to gather information about who is watching videos and how often they are being watched. These cookies are set by default and can not be switched off.

For more information see the YouTube (Google) data policy >

More Information

You can our full privacy policy on our main website

If you would like further information or requests regarding your data, please contact us.